Denver Airport Terminal Reopens After 2-Hour Evacuation To Check Suspicious Package

  • by: Alan Duke

BREAKING NEWS STORY: check for live updates below.

Denver International Airport in Colorado evacuated a section of its main terminal for "to investigate a possible security threat," according to the airport's Twitter account. The evacuation included the ticket counters for American, Aero Mexico, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and British Airways.

"Denver Police bomb squad is on scene evaluating a suspicious package," the DIA Twitter account tweeted. The ful terminal was reopened after police determined there was no threat. It began near the American Airlines ticket counter when an officer reported the suspiscious package.

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Live updates:

: This tweet makes it official:

: One of the two evacuated levels of the west side of Denver Airport’s main terminal is being reopened. Employees are now being allowed back in. Passengers will follow in a few minutes.

: Denver Airport spokeswoman says there were no changes in security procedure because of the bombings inside the Brussels airport terminal. The suspicious package alert began near the American Airlines ticket counter, according to the spokeswoman.

: The Boeing 757 with trouble "landed and rolled out," according to air traffic control radio traffic, ending that drama. But the main terminal is still partially closed as police probe a suspicious object.

: This is the best official info we have so far on what is causing the evacuation and search:


: A Boeing 757 with 135 on board and experiencing mechanical problems is approaching Denver International Airport just as airport police are dealing with a security scare and partial terminal evacuation. The airliner with “rudder and yaw issues” that is causing “lateral oscillations” is about 10 minutes away from DIA’s runway 25, according to an air traffic control radio transmission. No airline is given.

: Part of the Denver International Airport's terminal is open for business. While some airlines are delaying flights because of the partial closure, the airport is still operating.


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